Cost and Profitability Analytics


Many modern organizations are incredibly complex, with many fast-moving and interconnected components that ultimately affect profitability. Yet most of the cost and resource information is at high level and detached from these day-to-day realities.

Our solutions, based on modern activity-based costing principles, provide a detailed picture of costs and profitability at operational level, enabling informed decisions and continuous development across the organization.


TDABC is an advanced data-driven cost and profitability calculation method, designed to model and cost organizational operations to identify net profitability of business transactions.


As customer demands grow, companies are using Cost-to-Serve analysis to improve their supply chain capabilities. Cost-to-Serve calculates the profitability of products, customers, and Route-to-Market choices. It gives a fact-based focus on decision-making – service mix and operational changes – for each clientele.

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Increased competition, stringent transparency requirements, an extensive operating network, and the need to achieve economies of scale with fast response time requirements add to the complexity of cost management. Effective management of such an entity requires absolute transparency of costs and profitability.

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Profitability Analytics as a Service

Three steps to operational transparency

  1. 1. We assess current practices of customer’s cost accounting and the readiness for data-driven profitability analytic with expected benefits
  2. 2. We model the organization’s operations using modern activity-based costing methods
  3. 3. We maintain profitability analytics fresh and updated with agreed calculation cycles in a 24/7/365 reporting environment

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Our tools

Understanding the true profitability of products and customers is based on the ability to model and analyze the direct and indirect costs of the entire business. How we do it?


TDABC method (time-driven activity-based costing) is a modern way for data-driven cost and profitability calculations.


WeVision’s partner, CadDo, is a forerunner in transaction-based profitability analytics software with Microsoft Preferred Solutions.


We provide a streamlined service with industry specific best practices with an international top team in the field.

With CadDo Calculate, we can provide a view of how key dimensions such as products, customers, and sales channels use resources and incur costs. Analytics helps to focus attention on the level at which concrete and corrective actions can be taken.

The comprehensive profit insight guides you to make critical and informed strategic decisions to drive your business and improve profitability.

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CadDo Calculate

  • Supports full-featured TDABC methodology
  • Microsoft Preferred Solution
  • Runs in Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Powerful and scalable SQL-engine for processing large data volumes and business logic
  • Web interface to manage the entire calculation process from data input to calculated results
  • Pulls data from any source system
  • OLAP-reporting and Power BI
  • Fast development cycle

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