Strategic Partners

CadDo provides data-driven insights and concentrated intelligence to organisations and individuals who care about sustainability as much as profitability. The foundation of CadDo lies on decades of experience from global cost and profitability implementations and expertise bringing the best practices all in one tool.

CadDo’s cloud platform is designed to manage, define and connect data: transforming it into concentrated, actionable intelligence. The heart of the CadDo solution is their own SQL Calculation engine which handles all business rules and logic in a multidimensional model, running on Microsoft Azure. CadDo enables data integration from any source, thus doing away with the need for unmanageable scripts and Excel files.

CadDo has been chosen by Microsoft as one of their “Preferred Solutions”. As a best-of-breed solution, CadDo Calculate is our selection for cost and profitability analytics and the core of our managed service.

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Sonum International is an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) consulting house originating from the Netherlands and has expanded its operations to global scale in recent years. Sonum is recognised as a forerunner in connected planning implementations.

Sonum is a diverse team of consultants who are able to serve clients in 20 different languages. They have a proven track record of success in a wide portfolio of EPM tools. Sonum has earned the highest partnership level with both industry-leading tools; Anaplan and OneStream. 

Sonum International and WeVision partnered to set up a joint venture to open Sonum office in Finland in 2021 (Sonumin Oy). Together we are able to provide leading planning and data-analytics solutions to best serve customer needs. The Finnish office with a dedicated EPM team is a part of an international network of Sonum offices with more than 120 EPM consultants in 12 countries.

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