Pyroll Packaging

Pyroll is a leading Nordic manufacturer and supplier partner of paper, cardboard, carton board and plastic. The company is a Finnish, privately owned family corporation. Pyroll employs 600 people and revenue is about 110 million euros. Pyroll’s business is divided into three industries:

  • Pyroll Packaging
  • Pyroll Paper
  • Pyroll Converting

Pyroll Packaging consists of ten manufacturing units. Evaluating their business, gaining visibility, and controlling profitability were key targets of the project.

What were the challenges?

The entity formed by several different factories did not provide a uniform picture of the profitability of customers at the level of the entire packaging business. There was not enough transparency on supply chain cost factors to focus development activities. Transparency was needed for customer and product profitability. The constant intensification of competition in the industry and its internationalization set the conditions for the continuous development of cost efficiency.

How we helped?

We built a profitability solution that covered the entire packaging business, which provided information on the total profitability of customers throughout the packaging business. The solution provided an operating profit-level outlook for factories, customers, products, sales channels, orders and delivery lines.

What were the results?

The solution revealed the impact of customization and various customer requirements on profitability and combined the overall picture of the profitability of the packaging business’s customers. The results provided an insight into the impact of different operating models on profitability, which opened up opportunities for internal benchmarking and dissemination of best practices.

“This is a profitability management solution allowing you to focus on the right things by identifying which products and customers are profitable and which are loss-making. Root cause analysis enables systematic management of profitability in daily operations and decision-making. This new insight opens up many opportunities for business development across the enterprise.”

Eero Niskanen, Chief Information Officer

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